Say it with video. Anytime, anywhere.

Storybox is the easiest way for businesses

to create & share videos instantly.

These successful companies use StoryBox.

Easily create engaging video content.

Videos are recorded with your smartphone, or even directly from your desktop. Intuitive templates and easy-to-understand help make it simple for any user to quickly create and manage a clearly structured video for their field of application.

You will be amazed how successful ‘Employee Generated Video’ proves to be a successful communication strategy in your company.

Share instantly. View anywhere.

Whether the video content is to be seen by team colleagues or the whole world, StoryBox Video Cloud is the easiest way to stream and manage video content online in a secure and GDPR compliant way.

Guaranteed consistent corporate identity.

Individually configurable CI specifications from logo to animation ensure the consistent appearance of your brand. StoryBox’s cloud-based digital asset management makes access, role and rights management in teams and departments simple and secure.

Applicable to all use cases.

Internal Communication

The flexibility of asynchronous video, improves business communication and increases productivity.

Marketing & Sales

Videos present content in a more authentic and emotional way, increase engagement and are more successful in addressing customers.

HR & Recruiting

From job postings and candidate outreach to new employee introductions, video creates a personal connection from the start.

Training & How tos

Video-based documentation and explanation saves time and costs and can be easily updated at any time.

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