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Video messages simply go faster and better than email and scheduled video meetings.
Increase your team’s creativity and productivity.

Easily create engaging video content.

The StoryBox video app, with step-by-step instructions and customizable video templates, is so intuitive to use that really anyone, even with no prior experience, can start creating high-quality video content for your business or clients right away.

Capture professional-looking videos with ease.

Our intuitive video recording app for smartphones helps you every step of the way with easy-to-follow tutorials. It’s just as easy to record your computer screen, with Onscreen Recording, and switch on the camera when you need to.

Modernize your company’s video communications to meet today’s needs.

AI-supported rights management for GDPR and image copyrights.

StoryBox’s built-in AI includes powerful permission management with automated facial recognition to ensure you always meet all legal requirements and respect the privacy rights of your team or the people you record.

Bringing the team closer together – without borders.

Asynchronous video communication brings teams closer together regardless of geographic location and time zones. Essential for remote teams and home offices, this modern form of communication also has many advantages in other use cases.

When meeting calendars cannot be synchronized or there is no time to write long e-mails, just say it with a video.

It’s not only faster and more effective, it’s also more personal.

All videos on one platform. Secure and compliant.

Videos and templates can be organized and managed via an intuitive cloud-based platform. All data is hosted on German servers in compliance with GDPR (the German Data Protection Act). With our adaptive bandwidth streaming, your video content is streamed securely and with high performance to wherever you want it to be seen.

Consistent corporate identity for each of your corporate videos.

Generate a CI-compliant look and present your brand consistently across all videos. Manage your fonts, color, logos, animation and more in StoryBox’s CI Center.

Templates and assets are just as easy to create – manage access to them through convenient user administration.

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