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StoryBox is the flexible video platform to ensure modern communication and optimal work performance in your company – anytime, anywhere.

Internal Communication

Asynchronous communication has long since proven its worth for international remote teams. Video messages stored in the video cloud allow you to stay in touch with your team at any time.

Typing long messages and the tiresome task of finding an appointment that suits all parties becomes obsolete.

Team info, a CEO memo or personalized messages are seen when it’s convenient.

Use video messaging for more effective and performance-enhancing communication in your organization:

  • Team Updates
  • All-Hands Presentations
  • Instant Messaging
  • Briefings
  • Workshop Updates
  • Internal Events
  • Personalized Messages

Marketing and Sales

Make marketing and sales work more effectively with videos that are used effectively along the customer journey from social media to customer acquisition.

Attract new customers

Use video to better reach prospects, speak to them more personally, and explain directly how you can help their business.

Social Media Videos

Whether you offer a product or service, real or digital – with a video you present more vividly, understandably and emotionally.

More efficiency in sales

Help your sales team to save time, stay on top of things, and impress your customers with expertise. Record a short video after a meeting with a customer to summarize key points and next steps, or reduce meeting cancellation rates with a short video message.

Content Marketing

Get the most out of your product or service with informative videos that introduce and explain new features. Inform your customers and internal teams with video and involve them in your feedback.

HR and Recruiting

Make HR more friendly and increase productivity at the same time – it’s easy with video.

Video job ads give potential applicants an immediate insight into the company. With a personal approach, an initial emotional bond is forged right here.

Onboarding videos provide new team members with the most important information and initial how-tos. This makes the introduction to the new workplace more pleasant and efficient.

Announcements can be made in a much friendlier way via video – for example, when it comes to an upcoming employee training session or the next data protection announcement.

Training and Documentation

Give your employees the opportunity to deal with the content at their own pace. Completely flexible. Anytime and anywhere.

Video-based training saves costs in employee training and increases the quality of professional development. Once produced, the content remains usable and can be easily updated.

Onboarding of new users in which you welcome new users with a video and introduce them to the most important steps for their new task to make it easier for them to get started.

Video documentation makes complicated processes easier to understand with the help of a short film. The users’ confidence in acting is significantly increased by the precise representation of processes.

Development and Engineering

Use videos to clearly explain your ideas and concepts, or to present new developments accessible already in prototype status.

Tickets & Concepts

Rapid visualization through video, allowing your software development teams to take advantage of asynchronous communication and extend it with video. ‘Showing’ features, bugs and requirements is greatly simplified, while saving time and being easy to follow.

Developments & Prototypes

Easy presentation of concepts and ideas, which can thus be better explained. Individual software functions still under development can be shown quickly. Prototypes can be presented on a wider scale and more available.

Modern video communication – for modern businesses.

Video recording

Easily create engaging video content. Videos are captured with your smartphone, or even directly from your desktop.

Video management

Organize and manage videos and templates through an intuitive cloud-based platform.

User management

Access to functions and templates can be conveniently controlled via a sophisticated user management dashboard.


All data is hosted on German servers in compliance with GDPR and under the highest security standards.

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